In the rugged coastal zone of the Agüimes municipality one of the best
dive sites on the Island can be found, right next to Playa de El Cabron. The
richness of marine life in the area is so great that it has been nominated
to be included in the future Arinaga Marine Reserve. It is a very attractive
dive for those who love the world beneath the waves.
At a depth of 12m a rocky platform marks a 23m drop-off which
comprises the El Cabron reef front where the highest concentration of
different species can be found.
At the base of the reef front there are abundant caves and crevices
which shelter drum, some brotula and big-eyes. In front of the reef face
there is a large sandy plain where the red-mullet, striped sea bream
and a popular zone for roncadores or barred grunts in huge banks of
fish typical of El Cabrón.
All along the reef front it is common to see specimens of groupers
and island-groupers. The numerous crevices are also the ideal home
for moray eels. Nevertheless, the most spectacular sight by far can be
seen in the middle of the water column where groups of barracuda
and amber jacks can be seen

Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria – Barred Grunts

Blue Hole of Gran Canaria

Municipality:  Agüimes
Location: Playa de El Cabrón (Arinaga)
Access: Shore dive
Average Depth: 18 m
Maximum Depth: 22 m
Difficulty: Average
Currents: Frequent
Estimated time: 45 – 60 min

Scuba Dive in Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria is an authentic paradise for sea
lovers and for those who participate in the
whole host of marine and maritime activities.
The water temperature (18º in winter and
22º for the rest of the year), sporting facilities
and pleasure marina infrastructures, perfect
sea and wind conditions are all favourable
characteristics for sailing and for carrying out
all kinds of nautical sporting activities through
the entire year. In fact, this sub-sector is the most
important leisure component for the Island.
The island’s 236 kilometres of coastline provide
the best conditions for carrying out all kinds
of nautical and water sports. Perfect winds for
sailing, prevailing sea currents giving rise to
large banks of fish close to the coast, and the
amazing sea bed features are the region’s key
natural advantages. This means that whilst
the rest of Europe has to postpone their sea
activities during the winter, Gran Canaria is a
great sporting resort that is open all year round.

Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria

There are endless scuba diving possibilities
in Gran Canaria. The Island surprises visitors
with the biological and ecological wealth of
its marinescape and also for the variety and
beauty of its underwater scenery originating
from its volcanic origins.
The most interesting areas for diving can be
found all around the Gran Canaria coastline,
with many virgin coast locations. Lovers of
this sport can find many different dive clubs
and schools which allow them to participate
in basic and advanced courses throughout
the year, or join organised dive trips where
equipment is provided. One a safety note,
Gran Canaria also has one decompression
chambers strategically located, the most biger in Canary Island. ( )

Today, wonderful diving in Puerto de Mogan, is only 20 minutes from our diving center, which is in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria.
We have seen a great variety of fish and a great visibility of more than 30m.
Thank you very much for enjoying your vacation with us.

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